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Message Subject Man Slaps Wife With His PENIS...arrested
Poster Handle Abi ~
Post Content
I don't think most men believe a woman would actually bite down..hence their boldness at plopping it out and sticking it near their mouths.

I would though..and I have.

 Quoting: Debauchery

I just sweetly tell them that, "sure, I could oblige, but I suffer from TMJ and my jaw could lock up at any minute and cause me to bite down and not release"...
then I tell them a horror story about having to go to the hospital to have them remove the penis from mouth...that pretty much does it...
no, I do not have tmj, but when you make it graphic enough, they put the penis away and leave you alone...:) course, if dude was being retarded and violent, ya, I would bite the thing off..;)
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