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Message Subject IRAN accusing US NAVY of ILLEGAL ACTS in the Gulf-Fastest spreading story I have ever seen.
Poster Handle taniatarn
Post Content
Do you know what else is strange....this story has only been around for the last hour or two...LOOK how many Websites are already covering this news...

[link to www.google.co.nz]

Thats REALLY quick for dozens of them to already have jumped on the same story...it must have been sent as a press release- WHY? Who wanted this story out everywhere.....there has to be a motive cause news doesnt normally travel that fast.
 Quoting: taniatarn

There are over THREE DOZEN different news sites that have this story word for word ( I stopped counting on page 3 of google- there are many more)....and yet it is only a two hour old story...
 Quoting: taniatarn

I like to keep up on breaking newsand have for a long time...and I often search the web to look for other sources of breaking information- as I did with this...all the sites say the story was added 1-2hrs ago.....I have NEVER seen a story simultaneously spread over the internet like this....with literally DOZENS of different sites posting the story within minutes of each other...

Is this setting the stage for something....
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