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Message Subject Has Anyone Contemplated The Purpose Of Life?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A simple yes or no will suffice or an individual detailed publication of the account...whichever.
 Quoting: Milo Jeeder 27302664

Two things I know for certain:

1. To expand your capacity to love

2. To gain wisdom from your experiences

There's no way to tell what happens after death, and it really doesn't matter. Step out of your constantly moving mind and become an observer of it. Live in the present and simply observe the beauty that is happening all around you at every second. There is only now, there will always be now. Live in that moment and create your universe.
 Quoting: tknicker

I could not have put it more elegantly or exactly. I came to this conclusion while in my mid 20s. I was blinded by a flash of inspiration that left me knowing without doubt that the purpose of life was to simply love (unconditionally, as a parent should love their child) and to learn (everything you possibly can!).

Great question to ponder, OP!hf
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