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Message Subject Has Anyone Contemplated The Purpose Of Life?
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
IMO, it is to be reconciled and reunited with our Heavenly Father through his Son Yeshua and obedience to his Holy Law, the Torah so we can inherit eternal life. This is a testing ground, a sorting ground if you will. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. Many are called, few are chosen. It's wonderful and I feel so blessed and privileged for all God has let me experience and learn. God is Great!
 Quoting: TheSeventhGate

No that is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to grow wisdom. When you post this muck, you are missing the whole point beloved. God doesn't let you experience anything, you, are a son of God create what you wish to experience, or you let the thugs lead you by the nose. So which is it, and what doe you wish to learn and experience in this life?

It is a testing ground, that part is true. FEW CHOSE TO BE CHOSEN. God doesn't choose, YOU CHOSE GOD and to develop yourself to become God LIKE. God is MIND. He is the entire mind of the creation, not a daddy person. You are a fragment of his mind and you are the responsible one to grow yourself or not. Those on the narrow path choose to grow their minds ands heart and purposely search for wisdom.

All MINDS are eternal, you already have eternal life. The sorting at this time is around those who are going to move up and those who are going to move laterally to some other 3d world, because they are immature still.

The thugs will be separated off the planet, but also shall be the immature who are not ready yet for the ascension.
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