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Message Subject Are the Egyptian Gods really the Sumerian Gods or the Opposite?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just wanting to know...................

Many say Egyptian Civilization is actually OLDER than the Sumerians.........also, the Egyptian Gods are way more interesting to me, at least.

Could Setchin be wrong?

Were we actually created by Ra and his kin?

Or otherwise? Waiting for an answer..........
 Quoting: Questioner 18622835

Yes, within certain periods, with sons who took on the roles after. These periods could be hundreds of years long as they were long lived. In Mexico, the et called Mixcoatl lived in a small enclave, and parked his sky car in the drive. But, when he traveled to the American SW, he wore differnt garb and mask and they called him by a different name.

His father did the same.

Manufacturing was in Egypt.
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