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Message Subject Are the Egyptian Gods really the Sumerian Gods or the Opposite?
Poster Handle Mi'Kmaq
Post Content
Taking it literal is like trying to find a being called "god" under a rock. Every myth and religion synchronize to make a story about the workings of our solar system earth seasons and galaxy along with the inner workings of the soul Rah is no more than old man kronos or zueses father his son osiris is jesus set is satan. Rah is god his sun osiris is the sun he fights set in a eternal battle night and day. he judges you every winter only so you can be born again with all life around you during the spring. the four seasons in chistianity is mark mathew luke and john the four main gospels based around christ's our suns journey. their are many similarity's between just the two story's of existence its just reading between the lines is what it takes to realise the beautiful syncatic relation they share with you.

Try not to get tangled up in the literal renditions they are mere story's for children, and as the child gets older his father would start to explain how they really relate to reality.
 Quoting: Talkinghands

I'm not really taking this "literally"------I am simply trying to find out if the Sumerian Gods and Egyptian Gods are simply the same deities under different "names."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18622835

sumer to egypt,as "The Gods" population increased they spread out,had to have something for the youngsters to do..............sheep
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