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Message Subject I see things when between sleep and consciousness
Poster Handle truth 1111
Post Content
This used to happen to me too.

When I was young, under times of stress, this would happen. I would wake up, and not be able to move, then somehow, get up out of my body by forcing it, walk around the room, with what seemed like a giant rubber band connecting me to my body. I would get sucked back in if i lost concentration.

This freaked me out so I stopped doing it.

I have had one demonic experience during this. I woke in a cave, which looked to be underground, very deep. I walked through the cave and saw a giant demon in the wall, sitting on a type of chair carved out of the rackface iteself.

It asked me what I was doing there, and that this was "His" realm. I told it I didnt know why I was there. He just looked at me, amused... told me his name, and then I woke up. I dont remember his name, but I did write it down somewhere.
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