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Message Subject The SUN is freaking out!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have clearly noticed the change in the color and intensity of the Sun lately.

I live in the countryside and move outside a lot daily, and for me the changes are perfectly obvious.

Also, the winter is very late this year - again. It should be *much* colder by now on the area where I live. Now it's basically like a British winter here. This has also changed during the last few years. At the same time it appears the cold parts of the winter have also been getting a lot colder, the amount of snow has been insane for the past few winters, and so on.

I've had this intuitive feeling there's not going to be a real winter this year at all, at least not around here. I've seen visions about 21-12 with a clear scenario including Orion being directly at South at midnight (seen from where I'll be at that time) , and the night being dark with perfectly clear sky - but not cold as it should definitely be by then, but rather almost warm.

Everything seems to be going stranger and stranger, and the feeling of something having to break through any moment keeps getting more and more intense. I feel the border between dream and wake states is dissolving, which would correlate with everything I think I know about what's going on.

Psychedelic times ahead, if my hunch is right.
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