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Message Subject UK Foster Parents denied children because of political beliefs!
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
The tiptoe to an Orwellian police state continues, we'll gradually see more and more discrimination based on political views until you're being rounded up for who you support.

"A couple have had three foster children removed from their care because they belong to the UK Independence Party.

Rotherham Borough Council said the children were "not indigenous white British" and that it had concerns about UKIP's stance on immigration.

It said it had to consider the "needs of the children longer term".

The unnamed couple told the Daily Telegraph social workers had accused them of belonging to a "racist party". UKIP said it was an appalling decision."

[link to www.bbc.co.uk]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28380951

Judging by the huge support that the Rotherham Borough Council gives to gay agenda, I bet they don't deny children adoption to fags.

In May Rotherham hosted a unique touring display of eye-catching images of trans men and women. The inspirational and vibrant images were on display in four places during the month, giving everyone plenty of opportunity to call in and see them:

Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and the RAIN Building from 2 - 15 May
NHS Rotherham, Oak House and the Community Health Centre from 16 - 30 May

Supporting the display was useful information for people who identify as trans or who are beginning to explore their gender identity, including details of local support groups. It provided a great opportunity for Rotherham to raise awareness about gender identity and to celebrate the lives of trans people by highlighting positive images and experiences.
 Quoting: [link to www.rotherham.gov.uk]
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