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Message Subject UK Foster Parents denied children because of political beliefs!
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
This is just the typical unchallenged group think that occurs where you have institutions totally dominated by lefties - for them of course UKIP, a party that (gasp) wants to control the UK's borders is de-facto a racist organisation.

All of social services, education, media, judiciary are like this.
 Quoting: JBG 28370659

There was a point in history when the men of Britain would joyfully slaughter any treasonous scum that tried to overthrow their country.

Now, those men are gone, and the treasonous scum are in charge of the government.
 Quoting: Carshy McCarsh

men in britain? lol, surely you jest there hasn't been a man born in britain in about 70 years.

and there is not one western european shit who didn't celebrate when obama was elected and romney was defeated. the left is doing their best to marginalize everyone who has a right of center point of view and doesn't embrace everything other than traditional values. look at what the media does to us, look how easily the lefttard public education manipulates the sheeple while what they teach is reinforced by the media.
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