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Subject Twilight Movie Series is Illuminati Propaganda
Poster Handle macchoi
Post Content
From my blog: [link to themacchoi.blogspot.ca]

I got really tired of everyone around me talking about these Twilight movies, so I decided to write something to try to piss them off. This is an excellent article to send to all your Twilight-loving friends! lmao

I have reason to believe that the popular Twilight movie series contains Illuminati undertones...

The Twilight movies are about the Illuminati. Everything in the movies contain references to the Illuminati and their associates! This movie is an obvious Illuminati Propaganda movie to trick the audience into favoring them! The movies are also a form of social engineering.

Don't believe me? - Here are a few examples...

Continue Reading Here: [link to themacchoi.blogspot.ca]
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