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Subject To summarize, the problems with women are...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1. Too emotional - will vote for liberals like Obama based on feelings
2. Will consistently vote for entitlements and sexism in their favor
3. If in the workplace they will use sex to advance beyond their level of competence
4. If in the workplace they will sue or threaten to sue to money or advancement
5. If in positions of power (often gained via points 3 and 4) they will engage in anti-male sexism and promote women over men
6. Will quit their jobs at a moment's notice if they latch onto some sucker to pay for them to sit at home watching soap operas - wasting the resources spent educating and training them
7. Will divorce said men in order to steal their wealth and turn them into debt slaves via alimony and "child support."

No, women shouldn't be forced to stay at home, but too many laws have been created which unfairly favor them and harm society.
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