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Message Subject To summarize, the problems with women are...
Poster Handle Mandevilla
Post Content
1. Too emotional - will vote for liberals like Obama based on feelings
2. Will consistently vote for entitlements and sexism in their favor
3. If in the workplace they will use sex to advance beyond their level of competence
4. If in the workplace they will sue or threaten to sue to money or advancement
5. If in positions of power (often gained via points 3 and 4) they will engage in anti-male sexism and promote women over men
6. Will quit their jobs at a moment's notice if they latch onto some sucker to pay for them to sit at home watching soap operas - wasting the resources spent educating and training them
7. Will divorce said men in order to steal their wealth and turn them into debt slaves via alimony and "child support."

No, women shouldn't be forced to stay at home, but too many laws have been created which unfairly favor them and harm society.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28366460

1. I don't understand the type of emotional female you're talking about or overly emotional people in general.

2. I don't vote because I don't believe real non-agenda voting exists.

3. I'm at the age where I'm neutral about sex and I do not need a "pill"--nature takes it's course.
When I was younger and even now, men made/make me angry with advances so, no, I never used sex to get what I wanted. In fact, I was more likely to just quit the job.

4. I'm not litigious in the least. It would take something huge for me to consider suing anyone.

5. I've been in management and owned small businesses for 20 years or so and an employee is an employee. They never had to do anything I didn't do plus I did all the things they couldn't do.

6. I stayed at home with the children for 10 years. After they started school, I saw no point and was going stir crazy. Through the years, I've taken time off to be a housewife and tend to family matters, but don't want to stay home full time.
This used to make me feel bad, but every one of us is wired differently so we all need to decide for ourselves.

7. Years ago, I refused child support because I knew he couldn't afford it. All I asked was that he pitch in when he could and spend time with his son. He did neither, but everything is fine.
Didn't want him or his money.
And I happen to believe the whole child support thing needs to be reworked. It's ridiculously unfair to the dads.
Also--forget about the deadbeat dads AND moms. By "deadbeat", I mean those who could pay, but won't. They're not worth the fight.
As for the ones who really don't have the money--quit wasting your time on lost causes and get on with your life.
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