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Message Subject To summarize, the problems with women are...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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First, I'm a man, and have researched the topic of what causes people to vote in certain ways and hold various (U.S.) political leanings.

Second, a lot of what was generalized is actually wrong.

1. Liberals don't vote emotionally. Yes, they are more compassionate, but they tend to have better logical reasons for what they are doing than conservatives, who Do vote emotionally.

*Normally based on fear and fear responses.

2. Voting for "entitlements" if they are going to affect yo or your surroundings is actually the logical choice. However most female voters that choose liberal ideals actually are voting based on other issues. The main one seems to be personal freedom, which they feel conservatives wish to take away from them.

I.E. Abortion rights.

3. Unknown, but possible in some cases.

4. I have to agree that my personal experience has been that females sue more readily then males in the workplace over intangible things. The reason for this isn't totally clear. It could be that they are wronged more often, or that they feel that they deserve extra protection. Or it could simply be the perception, in their own minds, that they have a good change of winning and will be given aid in doing so.

5.I have not seen this overly and have a lot of female bosses. They suck as much as the men, but don't always fall on one side of the coin that way, any more than men do.

6. And most people do if they win the lotto. That isn't really a woman thing, as much as a thing many would do.

7. They divorce because they feel unhappy. If they married the cash cow and can stand him, they'll likely stay. Why do people feel unsatisfied? That can range over a whole hosts of issues, including depression, delusion thought patterns to simply not being in the situation you imagined when things first started.

Think of it this way, why take half, when you can have it all?

So, in summary, most of what you said seems to be incorrect.

I can back much of this up, such as the first two things up there. Let me know if you want a greater explanation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 536600

1. Incorrect. Liberals are ridiculously emotional when voting and highly illogical as well. For example, they consistently vote to create unsustainable entitlement programs that will drain society until it collapses - look at our debt - it is all from liberal programs.

2. No, voting for entitlements is illogical because it is short-sighted and demonstrates ignorance of economics. They may appear to be good if you are too stupid to recognize the harm they cause via taxation, inflation, crowding out, etc.

3. Unknown? Are you freaking kidding me?

4. It is because women have been trained to feel like they are entitled victims. The law is their weapon. It doesn't have to be just.

5. I've seen it myself numerous times.

6. Most men don't quit their jobs when they get married or hook up. They expect to take care of themselves.

7. Some do, but many divorce because they think they "deserve" better. They have childish fantasies about what their lives should be like and if that involves sucking off an ex-husband's hard work in order to try and fulfill that stupid fantasy then they'll do it.
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