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Officials investigate cause of 'gas blast' at Massachusetts strip club

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United States
11/24/2012 08:51 AM
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Officials investigate cause of 'gas blast' at Massachusetts strip club
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Officials had already evacuated part of the entertainment district in one of New England's biggest cities because of a gas leak and odor report before a natural gas explosion leveled a strip club and heavily damaged a dozen other buildings, including a day care. Eighteen people were injured, many of them first responders.

Investigators were trying to figure out what the caused the Friday evening blast that could be heard for miles and left a large hole in the ground where the multistory brick building housing Scores Gentleman's Club once stood and debris scattered over several blocks.

Teams of inspectors on Saturday were scheduled to assess the level of damage to other buildings in downtown Springfield. Some controlled demolition was expected.

Firefighters, police officers and gas company workers were in the area filled with commercial properties and residences after responding to a gas leak and odor reported about an hour before the explosion.

Read more: [link to www.foxnews.com]

It is very interesting to see so many gas related explosions. Location: Strip club
Time: Friday night
Theory: a hit on someone, typical cover up excuse
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