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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Harper77
Post Content
Just think about it...you are at work. SHTF. No electric, no cell phones working, I mean no anything working really! You are so afraid when you figure out what has happened. There is chaos right outside your office and in a matter of minutes everyone is realizing all hell is breaking! Car crashes, airplanes crashing, fires starting everywhere due to things exploding. Same thing happening at schools where your children are. What will they do? Will teachers who realize TSHTF stay to take care of your children or will they be trying to get to their own children. IT IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. It could happen. What do you think? Do you have a plan for the children? Can you share it with me? One poster helped me out...Thank you very very much 28335607.
Anyone else?
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