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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Harper77
Post Content
How are you getting to the school cafeteria if none of your vehicles will operate. Is grams's house full of supplies if they end up their. Grama's across town...? How are you getting their with no wheels...? Do you own a bike or some sort of backup. There across town already. Maybe think about getting them to a closer school. I would.

Bicycles are great ideas for children. Thanks.

So first part of the easy step plan is to have talked about the issues with your children. Then start on your family plan. I have a 6 part plan drawn up and laminated it for my family. It has the codes we are going to use for each scenario and what groups are to do. They still think I am nuts, but they are humoring me these days thanks to sites like GLP!!!
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