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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So...from what we are saying a better start would be;
1) When power fails (fill in the blank for the first step) IE: Find out the source of failure.
I guess we should teach our children that no matter where they are they should call their local power company. I am assuming they have access to a cell phone. The prerequisite would be phone protocol. Now we can have that number in their cells. If the cell phones don't work, you can deduct might be EMP or grid gone.

better...1) When the power fails, call power company. If no cell phone connection go to step 2.
 Quoting: Harper77

Phone the power company. Get real. Garbage bags for fallout...? Get real. Stupid silly waste of time. Garbage bags are good for rain. Thats it. Better get a little bit more realistic about everything. If your family thinks your crazy maybe thats because of your sorry crack pot ideas.

Bikes. Bags. Communication. Maps. Plans. Kid are a little bit more resourceful than your giving them credit for. Staying in place at school only works for a while. Then What...? Solar flare the buses aren't running.

If your plans call for in any way things to be partially operational your all done. Start with the worst case senario and then work down.

Start with nothing. Then ask yourself how are your kids getting Somwhere without you...? If your plan completely relys on your getting to them and you can't then what...?

Get real. Get real or suffer the consequences.
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