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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Harper77
Post Content
Really good topic to discuss! No plan is better then the other. We all have different situations.
I thankfully live in rural county area. Our school is 2 miles from our house. I have been mapping a route through the woods and fields to the school in case the roads are blocked.
I have taught my boys(ages 5,8 and 11) survival skills since they were born. We are also working on our plan for emergencies, we live in a flood prone area. I am using that to prep them for SHTF. :)
I will check back later, good post.
 Quoting: LittleMomma

You are so right. And thank you for your input. It is the parents and adults that make the plans after all, but so much better just to be aware. I have found it is also better if families friends and close family are involved with your plans. For example to make sure your friends and family will honor your plan. If you want them to take your children off with them in case SHTF while you are away, etc. I do think a basic 5 step plan would come in handy for others to improvise from, a starting place if you please!.
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