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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Harper77
Post Content
How to make a fall out suit from garbage bags (for children and adults)
In case of EMP or nuclear bomb blast or meltdown of power plants.

5 large garbage bags
1 roll of duct tape (any tape children can use)
1 surgical mask
1 pair of swimming goggles

Place a garbage bag on each leg. Tape and gather extra up bag around groin area around each leg. As high as you can tape it.
Place a bag around each arm. Tape as close to underarms as possible. Might save one arm and hand for last.

Place remaining bag over head and body. Tape and gather around waist. Tape around neck.

Punch out eye holes and place goggles over eye holes and face.

Punch out hole for mouth to breathe. Tape surgical mask over hole to breathe. Then cover remaining arm and hand as best as you can. This will not be perfect, but as much of the body that can be covered the better for any type of fall out protection.

It is much better preformed with two people. But children can do it.

Something to think about and practice.
 Quoting: Harper77

OP, I'm sorry, but I shudder to think about your grandsons taking a backpack to school with these items. Should the school find these items in the kids backpack, I fear what they might think their use was for.

Be careful not to put the children in danger with your desire to protect them. Also think about the fear that might be instilled in them when giving them this information. I remember in the early 60s having memories of talks between adults as to what to do during an air raid. I was terrified for a very long time...to this day, I often think of the discussions between the adults in front of us children. Even though I wasn't in school I remember the fear from my older siblings that stemmed from the air raid drills in schools.

Consider a new plan that involves you getting to the children as soon as possible, with you having all of the necessary items from there. Hell I don't know, get a horse, a bicycle or something to get there fast, but don't impose fear into the children.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26143620

LOL...My grandsons are home schooled. And they have BOB's..bug out bags...LOL. They are young but do know about history and failures of societies. We practice these scenarios with camp outs and practice events. They are growing up with survival skills, and can shoot and milk and feed goats. They love every minute of being with me. And they are rarely without adult supervision. But believe me, on my many outings with them at parks and walking. I see many children who are not supervised and I think these things that reflect our society are the new normal, and should not frighten children. Especially with what is happening in the world. Garbage bags are a great source of many uses and you can't have enough!!!
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