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Message Subject EMP or Power grid failure--Let's make a easy 5 step plan for our children.
Poster Handle Harper77
Post Content
1) When the power fails, call power company. If no cell phone connection and failure lingers for 30 minutes or more and you hear signs of chaos. (fires and loud explosions)assume EMP bomb go to step 2.
2) Power failure is due to EMP blast.(Teach children harmful effects of nuclear fall out from EMP)
..Put on your raincoat with hood OR.. Make fall out suits from your BOB's...(not recommended without practice) and prepare to get to your place of safety. Could be lighthouse on beach, parking garage a block from theater. Could be home.
or...if power failure is from grid failure or other, walk or ride bicycle home. Use your designated route from family plan.
3) Do not deter from your specific plan of getting home or staying put. Do not accept ride from strangers etc. Wait for parent or designated contact. Wait at school for parent..etc.

This plan's success will be based on how the child decides if the power failure is due to EMP or power failure without nuclear blast. Teach your child to ask adults how the power failed..etc.

To me it would be safe to teach the child to wear protective gear, IE Rain coat or other, after any long power failure and get safely home. Or to designated waiting point. Either way child would be protected better.

Help me out posters...this is a plan in action...
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