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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have been meaning to write about dinosaurs, since this seems like a topic that throws off many people.

Firstly, once you have done enough research it becomes abundantly clear that the current paradigm is held together by lies, mis-truths and partial truths... this is a fact of life: there are people who will lie for money, fame or power... you tend to see less of this among the Christ-centered people who research, perhaps because they are well-aware that there will be less gain going against the grain of popular culture, but they are not infallible either, simply less so by greater degrees...

First, with dinosaurs we should consider that Carbon Dating has been proven to have serious flaws. It is not conclusive science... it is just a line in the poem of lies we call education and knowledge as it is popularly purveyed, as best I can tell...

Science loves to be unscientific, probably for grants, tenure and publication reasons... this too is another fact of life.

Science likes to use circular logics and straw man arguments.

A good example of circular logics is to analyze a layer of rock, determine indiscriminately or with some theory, often based on dubious assumptions or partial truths, how old that particular layer is, and then use that as the basis for how old all the other layers are.

There are numerous accounts of scientists/archeologists losing their careers because they stumble upon some inconvenient knowledge... and the carbon dating ceases to make sense or something is seriously flawed... it is easier to stop giving that scientist grants or publications than to invent new paradigms... usually the offended scientist will simply crumple, not understanding what is happening to them and/or believing that the system is simply political... they never seem to be aware of the more massive implications than even the fact that their work would change a particular scientific paradigm...

the whole poem of science is built one brick upon another and is managed accordingly...

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