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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

One last thought I have posted elsewhere is Bill Hicks... I love a good comedian and Hicks is obviously very talented...

BUT, he died from cancer in his 30s... this is a big red flag to me...

it says about him that he was not very adaptable, may have been quite stubborn and ignorant, regarding certain realities and his body reacted accordingly... cancer is a dis-ease... not at ease... it is psychosomatic...

Hicks talks a good talk but his walk was not much better than the system he railed against... how much research did he do on the topic of dinosaurs, short of visiting a museum or reading a book or two? I wonder if he even did that... he was conveying a pseudo rebellious perspective that sadly, he was duped into by the way the system is set up... he may have threatened some aspects of the controlling poem of our lives, but ultimately, he was off the mark, IMO, and is now being assimilated into the new age poem... "it's just a ride"...

how many new agers show his long schtick on satan receiving oral sex?

comedians are purveyors of popular culture, even when they attack it...
otherwise no one would get the jokes! :)

Hicks, to me, seemed a bit dark and jaded about life and utilized this for his creative muse... but it was ultimately self-destructive and really ignorant... I would like to see him as a more loving compassionate comedian making fun of himself as the serious brooding comedian he played... the outsider... better still, see him understand the reality of the supernatural... and the real system that is undermining faith in God and the promise of Jesus Christ...

he understood so much and with such wit, had he truly possessed the full picture he might have been a powerful voice for truth... this is likely what he wanted most of all...

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