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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
op i have a question. I believe you have figured out the truth and the rabbit hole goes pretty deep. Jesus is the only way and he is our savior! nobody goes to the father unless through Jesus. But my question is this, I still occasionally smoke herb as it produces no sinful results or desires and I classify it less dangerous than alcohol and it has medicinal benefits and of course its natural. Why did you stop smoking and do you believe it is sinful? I have prayed about it but its such a grey area as there is no Yes or No answer.

**only thing i think is weird is that time travel and Jesus' blood** I believe that time is not something that can be changed but only perceived because we are bound by it and live in it and I could imagine what lucifer could do if he could rewind time, he would just go back and not kill Jesus then there would be no sacrifice and no forgiveness of sins and no savior just damnation.

looking forward to your response
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7917443

Hey man, nice post...

I explain this on my other "John Lear may be wrong about Christ" thread, but the short answer to why I quit smoking herb for now, is that I strongly suspect occult in my background... and that one of the reasons I was so abusive with herb and substances in general may have been part of a program put into me from a very young age, even in the womb... my mom tried to poison me when I was in the womb (a common practice among the occult is to start a form of abuse in the womb--see Earthquake Kelly and others have talked about this, though I don't think Kelly realized what was happening, as it is supernatural and as far as he knew, his dad wanted an abortion)...

listen to what Matt Todd says in this interview: [link to youtu.be] around the 12 minute mark, about people who smoke a lot of herb...

I have dreams that parallel these dudes' experiences and have also been w Shamans, witches and high level fallen angels in my dreams (also, oddly, a lot of former and current presidents)...

I cannot say what is real and what is not--I don't understand everything about this reality... but for me, it was time to stop and assess...

the bible says we are to use the herbs of the earth... if Hemp was legal I would grow it and eat/juice it for sure...

this is my next reason for abstaining for now: how is most herb grown in an illicit business like the drug trade? I don't imagine anyone much better than monsanto running this traffic, so I am skeptical as to the quality and possible contamination w pesticides hemp sold on the illegal market may have... there is "organic" herb on the market for a reason, I suspect, and it might not be a good reason... as w foods...

but I think occasional use may be quite good for us in many ways... I am just a pretty extreme person and tend towards abuse when I don't set up rules for myself... I am sort of resetting right now, and may eventually smoke again (always use a vaporizer)... before I stopped I started always praying and blessing the herb and even praying while high... aside from the health benefits, it helps me w creative processes, which would be the main reason I would smoke again... hopefully less a a lifestyle, more as a sacrament...

hope that helps!

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