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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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More faith-based evolution for you: as an evolutionist, you must decide are you a "gradualist" or a "punctuated equilibriumist"?

An honest atheistic believer in the theory of evolution will err towards being the latter, because there is no gradual scientific evidence that hold water in favor of gradual evolution of anything...

to look at bone sizes does not tell us anything, other than that the conditions for growth may have been better or worse than other times...

interestingly, Stradivarius violins are said to sound better because the wood is denser, as their was a "mini-ice age" during the time when the trees these instruments were made from were growing...

Any musician can tell you the import of denser wood on sound... and why a Martin Guitar from the 1960s sounds better than later periods: Brazilian Rose Wood (plus, of course, time played changing the instrument). But the depletion of Brazilian Rosewood is the main reason these guitars are so highly prized... may or may not be denser, but I suspect it is...

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