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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Faith Based

Another topic that lends more proof, not just faith, to Christianity is Giants.

When you research this area you find repeatedly that a discovery is made and then the Smithsonian (in this country) shows up and suddenly there is no more information about giants.

Why does this pattern exist, if not to hide history from us and to especially hide evidence in support of the bible? Oh, no, as Christians we are to rely on faith alone, not make too many waves, accept the dogma of the corrupted churches, incorporate false beliefs like evolution and yoga into the culture and be completely ignorant of health, detoxification, and the literal luciferian agenda under our noses...

science can invent all kinds of theories that are based on just plain lies or partial truths and force it down the culture, while Christians are to be dumbed down with the rest and just operate on faith...

gee I wonder why there are so many people who think Christians are just ignorant fools following some comic book naiveté called God? The reality of what is going on is being usurped by the perpetrators, through people like David "Icke" and the new age movement... they are the only ones talking about the luciferian deception, but they mix this conveniently with denial of God and Christ...

There appear to be skulls of giants in Peru, but they are only talked about in the context of "aliens"... more of the same...

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