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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christ is not real. He was a stolen story. This thread at its very basic level is inaccurate.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4268269

How so?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22070412

Because the same stories/characteristics attributed to Jesus had already existed and were applied to previous 'messiahs'/'God(s)'/Deities from religions/mythology that predated the alleged time of Jesus Christ. The virgin birth, having exactly 12 helpers/desciples, performing miracles, the crucifixion & resurrection. These were not novel or unique concepts that only surfaced 2000 years ago based on actual historical events, but a reimplementation of traditional concepts from preexisting cultures & belief systems. This is the way society evolves, by reinventing and working with what has been known/practiced/understood by cultures of the past.

The issue with trying to have an objective discussion about this subject matter without invoking emotional responses, is that some, through belief, have sold the perceived sanctity or well-being of their spirit/soul on these stories. To consider that they were not based on historical events - it can be perceived as a threat to one's well-being, to one's soul. I don't feel it should be this way but I understand the circumstances. Everyone's understanding of the 'truth' can only be viewed from the context of one's own conscious evolution, and what is considered to be the 'truth' will change/adapt/conform to one's progression on that journey. It's for that reason that it is always important to practice an open mind and never invest/commit oneself too heavily in any particular 'version' of the 'truth'.


rereading your post I wanted to say that one of the things I was disappointed in was the degree to which people will lie for profit... this is simply human nature... each person lies for the system a little until they get their bling and then sometimes they live long enough to say: no sorry, it was lies...

and then we wonder how the whole enchilada is so wrong in so many ways...

so the data that Christ took form before in the form of other "gods" is not true, according to people who have looked into it... I went through this phase of thinking Christ is not who we think He is or maybe He didn't exist... all because some dudes basically lie or have a bias...

Zeitgeist is the worst example of this, but he based his stuff on others... see Zeitgeist Debunked for more on this topic alone...

then consider the massive bias against true Christ-centeredness... in media, in schools with theories that we need to compete with each other, etc... and why "aliens" only pick on the Christian religion... why the Shroud of Turin was debunked falsely by people with an agenda... listen carefully to the names: a Dr. Ramses shows up... hmmm...

we need to question thoroughly.... I want to know the truth, not some spin or deception...

I never thought I would come to the understanding I am now espousing... I didn't even tend to pray when times got tough or I had to deal with a health issue...

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