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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If you visit "America's Stonehenge" online or in person, you can see similar structures to the one Jim is uncovering...

what Jim seems unaware of is the "sacrificial stone" on top of this important site... with channels carved into the rock face to drain blood to a single channel...

might these people have been sacrificing people, as well as animals?

And might the channel imply blood drinking?

And might these people have been worshipping demon spirits at certain times of the year in order to gain information or abilities, perhaps to move large rocks, for example...?

it could be innocent fun, killing off a few goats or the occasional bull... but it might also be demonic...

how to tell if the God of the Old Testament is not, as some suggest, a demon spirit? for me the primary evidence seems to be the state of the human consciousness itself... and the over-arching message of the bible, which is to love God and each other...

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