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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bob Dylan converts to Christ

Today I was thinking about how it is said the "pact" with the devil lasts 20 years and then you are taken...

it occurred to me that John Lennon was taken approximately 20 years after he supposedly made his deal...

yet Bob Dylan is still with us... going strong, no less... though by his own admission unable to create on the level he was on (though I like his Christmas album, it is hardly a creative tour de force)

so Bob turns to Christ coincidentally just as he was coming towards his 20 year expiration date...

and because he turned to Christ, much like Roger Morneau and Mark Cleminson, he may have been spared...

sometimes it is hard to believe how elegant and simple it is... Bob looks like man who has cheated death and is unsure about it...

is this why when I last saw him play a few years ago you could hardly tell what he was singing...?

A part of him has rejected his former self who sold his soul to the devil??

Seems like it... to his credit Wiki says he did try to convert people from the stage but his fans didn't want to hear it... how could he tell them his fame and fortune and the very reason his fans love him is because he made a deal with the devil...

this seems to be the point of his 60 minutes confession... he wants people to know... part of him even seems to think he is still under contract... he converted out of fear and now that he is still alive he has doubts...

faith alone is best, but for me, I am very grateful there is more logic to it... so easy to stray... and doubt...

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