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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Joseph Atwill

Anyone looking at the production going into this "documentary" can easily see it's propaganda... the fact that there is a trailer for this, rather than just your typical youtube presentation by a researcher also seems odd.

Then you have the intelligent, yet liberal, sounding female voice-over, as if to soften the appeal. And other supposed academics--the most suspect of all intellectual groups for the amount of pandering they have to do to get and keep their jobs, get published and become tenured--who come out and say what Atwill's major point is, rather than have him deny Christ himself.

Lastly, Acharya S just seems like she has some deep-seated reason to be biased--perhaps she bought the feminist ideology and has not recovered from the life it seem to leave many intelligent women with, or perhaps someone in her family was abusive and she never recovered from that, but I have known women who give me the same feeling she does--and I mean really "known" and the psychological hassles that accompany them are endless and often based in both abuse and feminism. They find themselves in a new age paradigm of spirit worshipping and/or spiritually lost. If they have a soul they don't really want to consider what it means beyond a Gaia theory. Ironically, this is presented as the responsible outlook with the convenient excuse that a male dominated corporate culture is to blame for ravaging the earth. Oddly, women do not seem more responsible, neither with purchasing habits nor in positions of corporate leadership.

I was actually interested to see Atwill's presentation until I saw the trailer.
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