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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
some seem blessed with a light heart... either by learning it, as John Lear apparently has... or being born with it...

John, notorious for drinking and womanizing, among other sins that have not prioritized the well-being of humanity, if the rumors are true, has reached a new perspective... one that prioritizes love and acceptance...

this likely represents a frequency that may include him in heaven, whether he comes to a belief in Christ or not...

I know their are many Christians who will resent or deny this possibility... I am not one of them... I have not resolved the NDE phenomenon... I simply think we should not rely on them, solely, as a crutch to be careless or unloving in this reality...

John may have his "Christ moment" in the after-life where he comes face to face with Him and denies Him at first, only to realize that they are part of the same heavenly realm...

or John may have issues he has not dealt with that may haunt him in the afterlife..

this brings to mind the purpose for Christ: to ensure that we have access to forgiveness and purity of spirit... humbly asking for forgiveness is a way to ensure this energetic... especially given how many of us seem prone to failings and loveless and/or selfish behavior...

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