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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The nature of the supernatural

One thing I did not understand and led me off track for quite a while was the variations the supernatural take.

It's funny, because A Christmas Story puts it right out in our faces: good and bad spirits.

Roger Morneau taught me a lot about this aspect of the supernatural, as did Carolyn Hamlett. Hamlett really blew it open for me because she spoke about the "ascended masters"... this was a real question mark for me.

For quite some time I saw the supernatural as ultimately benevolent, using good and bad to evolve humanity towards a higher consciousness.

This is the trap the elite appear to be in and the bargain many of them seem to make.

If Francis Bacon could be fooled anyone can. And John Dee supposedly suspected he had contacted demonic entities when he first heard them deny Christ, but what's a occultist to do when the demons have turned half the world against your small little country?

This is perplexing to me still: it does not seem fair that we are so easily manipulated and it seems only natural that satanic forces would rule the institutions if they can stack the deck so well...

I am still not convinced that good people don't go to heaven, I am just more convinced that we have failings that might make humility to God and belief in Jesus Christ important, especially given the bias against him.

This bias is in the media, the institutions and the abduction phenomenon itself, where Christianity is the only religion repeatedly spoken against. Such a seductive thing the supernatural has come upon: denial of Christ and we are all just naturally special.


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