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Message Subject John Lear is wrong about Christ (much as I like him) :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Conflict - Christ's return

This brings me to the next odd-seeming paradox: Christians who want the satanic agenda to unfold because if it does not, Christ will not return.

I have read that there are actually supposed Christians who have been duped into this mentality to the extent that they basically work for lucifer...

It is like a bee hive where the drones decide to kill the worker bees because they want the queen to die so they can mate... but it is a suicidal enterprise...

this is another test of this reality and it feels quite odd to realize that this paradox exists and yet there is little anyone can do but live the best life they can and speak the truth when possible.

It seems like the Amish figured this out a long time ago. We do not need technology, nor most media. We need spirituality, the bible and each other. We need harmony and love for each other and for God. That is really it. Everything else will work itself out.

This might be why the 2012 doom or 12/21 enlightenment notion are so popular: it seems impossible to extricate ourselves from the mess we have free willed ourselves into.

Jesus's predictions concerning the end times are like a beekeeper predicting how the bees will over-winter. The bees could fly off and do anything they want, but they usually won't.

for the Divine humanity is likely quite predictable

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