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Message Subject AWESOME Two Angels Help Man Crushed By Truck
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
truth (?) 1111 , page one ....." People will believe anything that is spoon feed to them.'

AND, doubters/SINNERS will use ANY excuse to deny the existance of anything that INTERFERES with their continual SINNING, and GUILT, with consequences ATTACHED !

The Devil has you by the 'short ones', lol !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28367863

No, actually I'm a kind giving person. I harbor no guilt whatsoever and I'm not denying god existing at all. I'm pointing out that thousands of people KNOW people like you are saps and target YOU specifically. You will simply believe anything as long as god is attached to it.

You ad hominem adds absolutely nothing to the conversation and like most other religious people you cop out with "I'm right you're wrong because skittles". You provide no proof, not even a shred. The "devil" doesn't have anyone. People are just fuck ups and use any excuse they can to pin it on someone, or in this case something, else. Do you know how many idiots i've seen that blamed the devil for them dropping out of school and becoming drug addicts? It's a great way for everyone to forget you are the fuck up as long as you blame it on an unseen force.

God as you know it to what god PROBABLY is, is like comparing a bicycle to a jet airplane. The bicycle is easy to understand, only has a few moving parts, and it's a vehicle. On the other side of the fence you have a multi- million dollar machine with thousands of parts and complexities most people can't understand. So why not hop off your simple bicycle and enlighten yourself from the archaic book you hold so much of your life in. Try to understand the airplane and you'll see how ignorant you've been.

Kindly, piss off.
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