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Message Subject AWESOME Two Angels Help Man Crushed By Truck
Poster Handle Brian Moser
Post Content
Another thought - why does it have to be angels? What if this man is a pedophile that plays loud rock music late at night and has plans to kill all his coworkers with a sawed off shotty come Monday morning? Will you still say that angels saved him?

What if it was demons that saved him? What about magical elves that have mastered the art of cloaking and are invisible to our human eyes? You can't prove any of those are incorrect any more than you can prove that it simply must be angels.

I mean, if you want to believe that, you're welcome to. It just bothers me when the people who say stuff like that are the same ones that flip out over a president not invoking the name of God in a Thanksgiving speech. If we treat Muslims as horrible people because they believe their (violent) actions are righteous, why do we not treat Christians any different for having a similar degree of stubbornness to their faith? I'm simply saying that blind faith is a dangerous thing and don't understand how some people can be so delusional about the hypocrisy in their beliefs.
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