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Message Subject Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales
Poster Handle Viper_Smart
Post Content
Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's biggest retailer, has agreed to pay $11 million to settle federal allegations it used illegal immigrants to clean its stores, attorneys in the case said Friday.

The landmark settlement was expected to be announced by federal immigration officials at a news conference Friday morning.

[link to www.cbsnews.com]


Wal-Mart Knowingly Hired Illegal Aliens; ICE, Immigration Chief Garcia Knew

By Debbie Schlussel

I liked Wal-Mart. Iím not one of the far-left, anti-Wal-Mart activists. But this latest news is very disappointing (though not at all surprising).

[link to www.debbieschlussel.com]


Are any of you FOR this type of behavior by the company?

Are you willing to not support your own people?

This company is knowingly hiring illegals, which is only helping to destroy your country, driving your wages down and THIS is the biggest reason why our countries are FLOODED with disgusting third world types...

They are ENCOURAGED to come here to steal your dreams, these companies WANT a public who will live ten to a house in squalor and filth, just to make a profit.

If you have to compete against them then you have to live like them, because they will work for nothing, and the company would rather settle out in court.

These companies have ZERO loyalty to you and could care less if they destroy your way of life in pursuit of a dollar.

I agree that SOME unions have taken it too far, but at the same time people need to fight back against these communist globalist scum corps that are encouraging the dregs of the earth to flood into the countries we built and destroy our way of life.
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