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Message Subject Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales
Poster Handle Viper_Smart
Post Content
I'm not going to assume you are posting from your single wide or the free wifi at the library because i know nothing about you, and clearly you know nothing about me.

My point isnt about how evil unions should take over the business world, but Walmart is the perfect example of the future of the workplace without unions. These big employers will turn you out like a trick all day every day and as soon as you say a word, they fire you. If thats how you want things in your world, enjoy that.

Not me, no way.
 Quoting: JesseDart

They would never hire him in the first place...

Unfettered, they would hire illegals from war torn shitholes who would lick their boots for 25 cents an hour and sleep in cardboard boxes near the closest underpass.

In fact they do, they have been caught doing it before, and will probably do it again.

The majority of their products come from slave labor overseas, and the same people who wonder why they can't get an English speaking person for a tech call and complain about all of the jobs going overseas will then turn on their brothers and sisters standing up for themselves and demanding a living wage.

At the same time these people flood wal-marts everyday to take advantage of the low low prices.

It all comes at a cost.

The cost is our way of life in the modern western world.

It's not worth it.

I live in a union town, and I have seen what can hapen when the unions get too greedy and corrupt, but there has to be a balance somewhere, because you are right, these companies would slit all of our throats if allowed to further the bottom line.

Reminds me of the "dead peasant" insurance scam, they can and will find a way to profit on your very life if possible.

Quality of life, national pride, mean NOTHING to these companies. They are literally giving aid and comfort to your enemies.

Good post.
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