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Message Subject Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
There are so many more things that come with a union other than a slightly higher wage, the most important thing being a voice that will be heard. How some of the bootlickers on this site can be so against that is beyond me.

Its almost like some of you are advocates of everyone being just one step above slavery other than your masters of course.
 Quoting: JesseDart

Correct on every point. These parrots of MSM have no clue just how far their heads are wedged up hannity and limbaughs fat cat asses. Instead of doing something for themselves such as starting a union for better wages or benefits they wish their poverty and insecurity on those of us who know there is strength in standing together for a better life.

Unions have not destroyed this country, the global corporate modal has. Americans have truly become the dumbest of animals.
 Quoting: Union forever 25712193

Unions have done as much to force manufacturing and other industry abroad as anything else!

They have outlived their usefulness and been replaced by wage and hour laws.

And I agree with Debauchery--we are never going to agree on the value of totally unskilled labor which is certainly what Wal-mart is.

It was NEVER intended to support a family or provide benefits or much of anything else because it does not possess that kind of value.

Hard to accept I suppose but people STILL have to get some training or education or better themselves in some way or other to actually earn this "living wage" of which you speak. No, unions should not provide it for those who won't put forth that effort.

Off to watch the Iron Bowl....Roll, Tide.
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