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Message Subject Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
I'm not the one wanting to wage class warfare with hate. I feel very badly for these Walmart workers being used by this union like this.

 Quoting: Bluebird

which union would that be???

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24699208

They planned to gather at the Paramount Walmart store, where they would be joined by members of the clergy, community organizations and other supporters to protest the company's attempts to silence them for speaking out for better jobs, according to Making Change at Walmart, which is organized by the United Food & Commercial Workers union.Most of the people UFCW claims at their events aren't even Walmart workers," Restivo said. "They are union representatives and other union members."

Walmart workers have been speaking out about "take-home pay so low that many workers' families have to rely on public assistance just to stay afloat," "understaffing that is keeping workers from receiving sufficient hours and hurts customer service" and safety issues, according to Making Change at Walmart.

Restivo said Walmart's "pay and benefits plans are as good as or better than our retail competitors, including those that are unionized."

"If they weren't, we wouldn't be able to hire people and staff our stores," Restivo said. "Last year alone, we received 5 million job applications."
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