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Message Subject Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales
Poster Handle JesseDart
Post Content
Some people just don't get it. Their business plan is genius, but it pits man vs man and they are the winners.

Their prices are artificially low at face value, but the tradeoff is that you the taxpayer foot the bill and subsidize their profits by providing for their employees what they should be providing themselves.

You may pay 2.50 for that toothpaste at Walmart while it's 3.00 at Fred Meyer down the street, but how much do you pay in extra social programs to help pay for the healthcare or food stamps of the below poverty WalMart employee? Meanwhile the Walton family gets richer and the employees fall further behind.

We the taxpayer gets screwed by ol Sammy even while he's in the grave.

The average WalMart costs its community over $420,000 a year in subsidies for it's employees. Still want to keep suckin that WalMart dick?

Probably do, as that is what your corporate masters demand.

I hope they do unionize and WalMart has to raise their prices to what the real levels should be. Then they will have to actually compete on a level playing field, not one where the taxpayers are playing for their team with little to no benefit in return.
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