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Message Subject FISH FRY from FUKU? Epidemic occurring with coral, fish, turtles in Hawaii...USGS alarmed
Poster Handle RadChick
Post Content
Dr. Thierry Work, head of Infectious Disease for USGS

“Given the scale of the event, the large numbers of corals affected, and the consistent preponderance of a few agents (cyanobacteria and fungi) associated with gross lesions that look similar in both Makua (Tunnels Beach) and ‘Anini, this outbreak would have to qualify as an epidemic”

“I have never seen a cyanobacterial disease like this killing corals to this degree in Hawaii”

“This is truly an unusual event”

“Right now I have no evidence that there’s any relationship between the coral disease and what’s happening to the turtles and fish”

“We’re going to try to come out next week to look at the fish, to see what’s causing the lesions”
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