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Message Subject FISH FRY from FUKU? Epidemic occurring with coral, fish, turtles in Hawaii...USGS alarmed
Poster Handle SweemZ
Post Content
We are in deep shit if this truly is from Fukushima.

The lesions and cyanobacteria is a very disturbing and likely indication that it is.

As much as I know I can't believe this is happening so fast.

But then again, we have never had an accident like Fukushima.
 Quoting: RadChick

What else would it be from?

We have also NEVER been told the whole truth about FUKU either.
 Quoting: SweemZ

We still don't know the truth about CHERNOBYL!!! And its been 26 years!!!
 Quoting: RadChick

We'll never know the truth.

Add to this, all the oil from the GOM which I'm sure has made its way somehow that way. At the very least that fucked the system up, one way or the other....
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