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Message Subject FISH FRY from FUKU? Epidemic occurring with coral, fish, turtles in Hawaii...USGS alarmed
Poster Handle RadChick
Post Content
I am a hairstylist in So. Cal. Just in the last month I have noticed I have some hair loss. I mentioned to a co-worker and she said, she and her mom have just noticed hair loss too!

So we now are starting to hear, or are now paying attention, to many of our women customers saying the same thing.

My thought is Fukushima, but I get laughed at for this view, so I am keeping that part to myself, but I am serious, that this seems to be now showing up in us.

If you live on the west coast, do any of you feel your hair has thinned recently?

MY thinking is it has taken this long to get into us and show subtle effects, and if true, it can only get worse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18681750

Make sure you have your thyroid checked next time you got to the doc. Go sooner rather than later if it gets worse or you notice other symptoms of being ill. Thyroid cancer is very common from rad exposure, so is leukemia...they are some of the first cancers that show up. Thyroid sounds like its not a big deal but it can matastisize very quickly to other organs and then you are screwed.
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