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Message Subject I know who the nobody is
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
i dont get this nobody bullshit here on glp

you fuckers alle speak in mystery and i dont get shit

how about you speak all for once CLEARLY?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28387337

it's like this ... there's this guy who lives in the usa and it has been foretold that he is going to start a new relgion (google: child of the east, Jean dixon)

of course the old established religions and their people don't like that idea, so they started a smear campaign and eventually they said the man was "a nobody". it grew and grew and "a nobody" turned into "the Nobody"

so this guy, the Nobody, who is going to start the new religion for years and years was being given a bunch of crap; he was harassed, slandered, stalked, gangstalked, drugged and denigrated, so much so that people were learning of the miscarriage of justice and the criminal acts against the man and his fame grew.

now he is an old man and the new religion is starting to peak the interest of many people and just as many don't want the new religion to take hold, so there is the controversy.

those against the new religion put disinformation out to mislead and confuse the matter and they say no such person exists, those that want the new religion wish to see "the Nobody"

the Nobody is now an old man, he lives in the woods in a single wide mobile home with his two cats and goes out in public a couple to a few times a week

there you have it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14466518


This is just a spamtard.

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