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Message Subject Fukushima scientists died... in Florida on thanksgiving
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fukushima scientists died... in Florida on thanksgiving

MIAMI A diver from New Mexico who died in a Thanksgiving Day boating accident was a manager at one of the nation's leading research laboratories who was in Florida for a holiday dive trip with her nephew, authorities said Friday.

The Broward County Medical Examiner ruled Friday that Nina Poppelsdorf, 54, drowned after Thursday when a large wave flipped over a 45-foot catamaran carrying her and nearly two-dozen others.

Poppelsdorf was a leader of a Sandia team that helped in the response to the crisis at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami left several reactors there without cooling water, Fong said. He also said Poppelsdorf was a certified diving instructor.

The Coral Princess is a Corinthian catamaran owned by South Florida Diving Headquarters in Pompano Beach. A phone message left Friday by The Associated Press for the owner of the boat was not immediately returned.

Three of the 23 people on the boat were treated and released. Most of them were from out of town on vacation, authorities said

The accident remains under investigation.

[link to news.yahoo.com]
 Quoting: SeaPunk

There is mounting evidence that rogue waves are HAARP phenomena.

The real difficulty with rogue waves, besides being flattened by them, is that there is NO general wave theory.

A general wave theory OUGHT to include non linear waves. There is some knowledge of these, with the KdV equation and the modified KdV equation (which exhibit soliton behavior).

Beginning in 1995, when the HAARP antenna was powered and operational in Gakona, Alaska, the rogue waves began to appear in unusually large numbers, and in places where there were no colliding currents to explain the phenomenon.

In fact the first one that was actually measured with a laser, was the Draupner wave, that hit an oil platform in the North Sea on New Years Day 1995. (Credit was already taken for the HAARP creation of that wave by the dangerous Japanese cult, Aum Shyrinko. The same cult which released sarin nerve gas in a crowded Japanese subway station in 1995. They did this with $1 Billion given to an old KGB group to lease their Russian style HAARP equipment.)

When that wave was analyzed mathematically for 2nd order effects, it was found to be unlike any other large waves that day. It was not a normal large wave, but it was a rogue wave.

[link to patriceayme.wordpress.com]
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