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Message Subject Fukushima scientists died... in Florida on thanksgiving
Poster Handle CowgirlK
Post Content
Strange indeed.
The fact that he worked at Sandia also raises a very large red flag for me...that place is scary with advanced technology and security there is tighter than Area 51.

I know this because I used to work for Container Products Corporation...they make steel containers strong enough to hold nuclear waste that they bury underground...Sandia National Lab was one of my accounts and I was responsible for shipping and receiving. The trucking companies we usually used hated to go there just because of the security protocols. (I got this job after the Marine Corps because my security clearance was, let's just say, astronomicalif you get my drift.)I have been to area 51 to acquire some needed things...to tell you the truth...it looks like every other small military outpost, I didn;t see anything special there and the Marines (yes marines, navy and airforce worked in conjunction there) seemed like it was just any other duty station.

My MOS was 3043, but I was attached to SPMAGTF (Special Marine Air to Ground Task Force) who were badasses and could make Recon look like bootcamp recruits. There were only 13 of us in the entire Marine Corps attached to this unit.
My job was to "acquire" necessary gear for units like Seal Team Six and have it in place before the teams ever got their orders...so I knew where, when, and how these teams were going before they did. My unit answered only to POTUS and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (I was the shit back in the day)

Anyway...sorry for getting sidetracked-who's to say that this person wasn't murdered by his companions and blamed it on a rogue wave. It may sound like a ridiculous conspiracy...but stranger things have happened (Et tu Brute?)

This guy was in the know and perhaps was going to come forward with some damning evidence. I hope the investigators will put every person who was on that boat through a lie detector test. Rogue wave out of nowhere and only one person-a very important person with knowledge and secrets-dies?

I wish Columbo could investigate...I loved the way he went about effing with people's heads.

Bottom line-Scientist who specializes in super secret nuclear projects and is a consultant for the Fuku disaster dies under mysterious conditions.

Hmmmmm...sounds like a cover-up to me and I doubt it's being investigated at all. End of story.
 Quoting: AFGW 21140569

WOW...Thank you for the info.

Here is something I found on a dive site.


Zaaddough's post from the Deco Stop:

I've been lurking for quite awhile, but haven't posted before. Never had something worthwhile to contribute to the forum.

I was on the fateful trip. I flew into Ft Lauderdale to do a few days of diving. Went out with PDC on Wednesday, to the Miller Lite. Great day for diving, though a bit rough each way through the inlet. Thursday PDC didn't get enough interest to schedule a trip, so I went out on the Coral Princess. Leaving the harbour was without incident. Seas were surprisingly calm, considering the small craft advisory. Nobody on board was sick. First dive on Abbey Too had moderate vis and surge. Second dive (didn't catch name) had more surge and worse vis.

Boat then headed in, with again fairly smooth ride. Got to mouth of inlet and captain told everybody to sit down. We were in neutral while he waited for the right moment to dash in. A very large wave hit our starboard aft corner. Boat pitched forward on the diagonal, with some water coming in over back. Forward port corner went under. We then instantly rolled over from starboard to port. Not enough time for anyone to react. Some were hit by tanks, others by the large dry boxes that shifted.

Immediately we were in the water. Family members anxiously calling out for missing. A few people were trapped under the boat in air pocket under the glass bottom. They were quickly gotten out. One woman did not make it out. She was on the starboard side in middle of boat, with roof over her and captains console in front of her. Amazing, really, there were not more serious injuries.

Within minutes we were surrounded by rescue craft. Numerous fishing, law enforcement, and tow boats immediately began pulling us out of the water. Some swam to the nearby shore. My thanks again to all who helped us out, in a very confusing and dangerous situation.

I was one of Nina's dive buddies on the trip, along with her nephew. She spent the dives taking pictures. She was obviously a very good diver. I didn't know her well, but am saddened by her loss. My sympathies go out to her family.

[link to www.scubaboard.com]
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