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Message Subject Fukushima scientists died... in Florida on thanksgiving
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
google key words (scientist who mysteriously died)
 Quoting: SeaPunk

You can bet your ass if she was a high level scientist at Sandia National Labs, whatever her public title was, it was just a cover for her classified title.

AND it is well known in the murky world of classified programs that all of the people in the important programs are often chipped, tracked, bugged, and psycologically evaluated using knock out drugs, hypnosis, and grueling monthly interrogations to determine if their security oath has been violated.

Even if you are straight as an arrow, they use the information from the evaluations to manipulate your memory and basically mold you into a personality profile that makes you more docile and susceptible to be indoctrinated to their security needs than your own personal freedoms.

Once you have become more of a risk to them, they use your profile against you and very few people in those programs ever die of old age.

Late 40's and early 50's is the most popular age range to get "erased" out of black projects.
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