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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle sleevedheart
Post Content
"Coincidence?".....In 10,900 B.C.
those beautiful "Belt Stars" SAT DIRECTLY ABOVE EACH
APEX/TIP OF THE 3 pyramids of Giza, just as they were expected to BE (since the pyramids of Giza are MARKERS

 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

You say the belt stars are going to line up with the apices of the Giza pyramids....but from what perspective? In order to see these stars aligned with the pyramids, one has to be standing/viewing from a particular reference point. The distance and angle of the viewer is of the utmost importance for any such visual coordination to even occur.

Have you done any research on where the location to see the alignment is?
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