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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Will be great to see them lined up......Not sure it as any meaning. Or a great happening :)
 Quoting: Blue Skies

it has meaning,the pyramids were built by design to align with the stars.........
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 831183

The other link a poster offered debunking the alignment. It says that they will not align over the pyramids. So I hope someone there will take pics to prove it or not.
 Quoting: Blue Skies

put it this way,the Pyramids were built to align with the stars,that is a FACT......

mainstream science tells us the Pyramids were built for an idiot king to be buried in,they hide the TRUTH,me i am waiting for dec 21 2012 i dont think the world will end thats disinfo only that the world will change

Every year on the winter solstice, our Sun has a Declination of -23.5 degrees, and a Right Ascension of 18 hours. But what makes the alignment of 2012 special is how this alignment occurs relative to very distant stars. On December 21, 2012, the alignment will be right along the plane of the entire galaxy. This precession of the equinoxes goes in a complete circle and happens only once every 26,000 years.
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