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Message Subject UHOH...12-03-12 Planet alignment SAME 10,900 B.C. Egypt AND Velokovski's "Collision?"
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
BS built on some facts figures that goes OFF into imaginary connections with other 'theories'.

ONLY facts they have right is the star pattern, AS this IS repeating BECAUSE the solar system IS passing through the Milky Way Galactic cloud/plasma and about to be hit by the Galactic Wave from the core of the M.W.G. that happens about every 13,600 years !

WE (our galaxy ) passes above and BELOW the M.W.G. BECAUSE our solar system/small galaxy is being slowly CAPTURED by the M.W.G. and viewed from the side, we make a sine wave doing so every 26,000 years, approximately.

SAD this information HAS been out there for several years, and STILL idiots try and put their theories into some form that fits their UNEDUCATED ideas/New Age crap !

Peace OP; directed at ALL those lacking the information/too stupid to understand it/unwilling to spend the time to research all the data, think for themselves and NOT just you. Atr least your trying.

 Quoting: Eagle # 1 28447870

Wow! That's interesting info, Eagle. I was
really bummed to find out that the Milky Way Galaxy
IS NOT our "home" galaxy. We are simply in the
last "remnant" (like a cinnamon bun that has been
unrolled and gobbeled up from one end) being
ABSORBED by the Milky Way. NASA announced this years
ago--maybe 5 or so? but it really never seemed to
get very much attention. Our "home" galaxy was called
"The Sagittarian Galaxy" and in a couple million years
we will be just part of one of the outer limbs of
the Milky Way Galaxy....and we WILL NOT BE AT THE
ODD ANGLE we are now. That should cause quite a
'stir' don't you think, when that happens!
Here is a picture of a "cannibal" galaxy absorbing
another smaller galaxy, like TMWG and our old Sag.


Wouldn't it be bizaar if the 12-03-12 date
is the Egyptian's warning that beginning that
date, we will actually begin to slide into the
outer arm of the Milky Way? This would certainly
cause all the earth changes we are seeing today--
but I haven't ever heard anyone talk about that
event....that will be HUGE!
I don't take what you are saying personally,
Eagle. I know that it is frustrating at times
to know a great deal about a subject and yet have
folks who are not yet up-to-speed spouting theories
when they don't have all the facts....just be
patient. Thanks for contributing these facts,
tho. Very interesting!

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